Mermates International Merconvention

Mermaids become real at the 2018‘th international mermaid convention in belgium
– Review by Frank Rossow

If you love the sea, the nature and also have a kind of inner child who is searching for a world full of dreams coming true, than you have to visit the Mermates in Belgium. When you see them performing at TODI you are always inspired. Old stories, fairy tales and myths from sailors seems to come alive. Elfin-like and effortless they dive down to create magical moments for visitors and photographers.

Mermaiding is becoming more and more popular. You find a lot of mermaid schools all over Europe and also at social media mermaiding is a phenomene growing day by day. So it is no wonder that we were curious and exited to visit the international mermaid convention at TODI at the last weekend of april 2018.

With the intention to bring all enthusiasts of mermaiding together they organised an international mermaid convention. The idea was to have two days full of fun & joy and the possibility to get in contact with other mermaids, mermen and underwater photographers.

This years the convention was a perfect marketplace for an exchange about dresses, tails, experiences, tipps and tricks and mermaid performing. Meanwhile the mermen and mermaids could dive at the big pool and also a lot of different courses like Yoga, manufactoring of mermaid jewelery etc. took place. The highlight at end of day one was the mermaid ball with many colourful and beautiful dresses and a spirit of harmony and pure pleasure that you also could catch on the photos and videos that are going around the world.

There was also a professional photoshoot with the support of a belgium mermaid who gave tipps & tricks how to performe perfectly underwater. TODI is a perfect place for such a convention because the 6.2 million litre pool full of fresh water offers unique photo motives and themes underwater. A lot of freshwater fishes from the great lakes of Africa, big Pacus from South-America, Arowana, tilapia and giant gourami and Pangasius from Asia are strolling around and create a perfect background scenery for viedeo and photo. Three car-wrecks, a sunken atlantis, a cavern and a dive bar are all interesting photo-scenes. You can find so many different places to take a big variety of photos at TODI so that you can dive several times there and just find new photo motive for mermaid performing.

The Mermates did really a great job by organising this mermaid convention and therefore it is a must that next years the convention has to take place again. We defently hope so.

More than 120 mermaids from all over the world (Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, France and other countries) came together to have a fintastic weekend full of joy, an inspiring come together‘s and also diving at the big pool with a lot of other mermaids, mermen and fishes.

Mermaiding is a perfect combination of sports, apnoe diving, fun and positive life spirit. If you ever wanted to feel like Ariel in a disney movie than you have to come to TODI to explore this adventure.

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